Forward thinking & proactive in the pursuit of advanced service technologies

About A4 Systems.

A4Systems (A4S)) was founded in 2010 with a vision to dominate all technologies required to execute Advanced Service Delivery globally. Over the years it has developed several IIoT devices and SaaS platforms for calibration, leak detection, and inspection services, with uses extending across numerous industries.

Each one of the company’s technologies has been developed with a focus on streamlining service delivery processes from beginning to end. This is accomplished through integrating IIoT Devices and SaaS Platforms with built in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

A4 Strategy.

At the core of each of our technologies lies our simple strategy for streamlining the data management process from beginning to end.

  • Acquisition - IIoT devices gather data via highly sensitive sensors and transducers.

  • Aggregation - All data is stored on, our SaaS user interface.

  • Analysis - Statistical and regression analysis is performed using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Action - Pass or fail notifications alert the appropriate individuals if action needs to be taken.
  • A4 Vision

    Dominate all technologies required to execute Advanced Service Delivery globally.

    A4 Mission

    Provide SaaS A4.ERP, A4.CRM, A4.Hire, A4.Know, A4.Schedule, A4.Track, A4.Portal, A4.Service and SQC to Service Delivery companies globally.