Interstitial Monitoring Probe - A4.IMP

Cutting edge solar powered interstitial vacuum monitor for dual-wall storage tanks
  • Vacuum pressure monitoring of the interstitial space in a dual-wall tank
  • Measures down to a 0.01 change in psi
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Real time data aggregation to SQC via cellular network
  • Programmable computer for customizing test frequency
  • Stand alone structure powered by solar
  • Custom loss thresholds
  • Automatic power on and off
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze loss rates
  • Email and SMS notifications for detected losses
  • Pass/fail, Trend Analysis, Exception, and Response reporting
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A4.IMP is a solar powered interstitial vacuum monitor for dual-wall storage tanks. The system gathers remote sensing data and uploads the information via cellular network to SQC, our centralized interface for managing tank data. From there, an entire network of tanks can be managed from any type of mobile or computer device, at any location.

Additionally, A4.IMP uses a notification system to alert individuals of leakages as soon as the vacuum pressure reaches a specified threshold. Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology analyzes the data gathered from the device and automatically determines whether an email and SMS alert is required.

A4.IMP also features the ability to set custom test frequencies. Intervals can be set to run a test on a monthly basis, or to daily/weekly for more proactive monitoring. The system is programmed to automatically start up at the desired test frequency and enter a rest mode when not in use to save energy and charge via solar panel.

Industry Uses

  • Chemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Millitary
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