Robert Carleton joins A4 Systems as COO

March 9, 2020

Robert Carleton joins A4 Systems as COO

More focus will be placed on directing the company’s technological innovation

A4 Systems Corporation (A4) has officially announced the appointment of Robert Carleton as Chief Operations Officer (COO). His entrance came into effect on February 10th, and he is set to work closely with newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Patrick Charest, overseeing business operations.

Dan Houston, Vice President of A4, has shifted from his role as COO to Chief Experience Officer (CXO). This decision to restructure came from the skills that both Dan and Robert hold. Dan is an expert in customer relations stemming from his 14 years in commercial real estate, and will create a seamless customer experience, whereas Robert comes from a more operational background.

Robert holds a Juris Doctor in Law, bringing a unique skillset to the team. He spent numerous years in law firms working with clients across a variety of industries, including cannabis, energy, and real estate, to name a few. His focus has always been on positioning client companies for successful growth in their respective industry, while avoiding unnecessary obstructions to the organizational goals. In the last several years he has transitioned from private practice to acting as an executive, counsel and advisor to various early stage companies.

Among Robert’s past clients were both private and publicly traded companies. He brings invaluable knowledge to the A4 team when it comes to the strategy of early stage public companies and closing various forms of transactions, including, financings and acquisitions. Much of Robert’s knowledge and experiences will be essential as A4 continues to work towards finalizing a “go-public” transaction in the near future. Robert will play an integral part in the successful completion of such transaction and will act as the company’s main point of contact for investor relations during such time.

“What attracted me to A4 was the passion the team has towards the company’s goals. Our team is made up of very competent, highly skilled individuals, that all share a common drive for success within the company,” said Robert. “We have identified a massive opportunity in the industrial sector. Digital transformation is a must for all companies, and I am thrilled to be part of an organization that has what it takes to lead the push towards a more digital world.”

Robert has already proven his value to the company in the short time he has been with A4, and will continue to play a large role in the company’s growth by establishing investor relations, policies, internal procedures, and project plans, while working alongside external advisors on legal, regulatory, and financing matters.


About A4 Systems

A4 Systems Corporation is a leader in Digital Transformation Services tailored for any industrial organization. A4’s focus is centered on the entire flow of data; from acquisition and aggregation to intelligent analysis, which ultimately drives machine and human action. With digital transformation becoming a necessity across all industries, A4 gives industrial organizations the exact tools needed to survive the disruptive nature of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For more information about A4 Systems, please contact: press@A4.Systems

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