A4 Systems Moves to Larger Location in Response to Rapid Growth

A4 Systems Moves to Larger Location in Response to Rapid Growth

CALGARY, AB – Nov. 18, 2020 – A4 Systems announced today it has moved its main development lab to a larger, more suitable location in North East Calgary. In the wake of substantial growth over the past year, the company has outgrown its old location in Calgary.

Several A4 projects have gained considerable traction over the past few months, and will continue to accelerate at a rapid pace moving forward. The new space will be essential in developing these projects further, as well as giving the extra capacity to support future ventures. 

“This has been a tremendous year for the A4 team,” said Patrick Charest, CEO of A4 Systems. “Our project pipeline is beginning to flood with new opportunities and we have hit an unprecedented level of growth. Our old facility was just not able to handle the future of A4. The new building will give us the extra fuel we need to keep developing innovative digital transformation solutions for our clients.”

The new 23,000 square foot building is a substantial upgrade. It features a large warehouse for testing and rapid prototyping various new projects and hardware technologies. On the bottom floor there is a sizable room for software development and testing. The top floor features a modern office space for the A4 management team.

Given the facility’s size, the location will also be turned into the main showroom of A4’s digital innovations. From robotics and IoT sensors to feedlot cattle tracking and vertical gardens, the building will showcase a one-of-a-kind, interactive display of digital technology.

The building is perfectly located in Calgary’s growing technology region  to attract new talent and interact with a variety of different clients and partners.