Driving machine and human action through data driven decisions.

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Data Action

The final step in your company’s digital transformation is to transform the data you have acquired, aggregated, and analyzed into intelligent action. At A4 Systems our software platform is designed for easy configuration of workflows so you can drive actionable Machine to Machine or Machine to Human communications. All workflows and communications are automated for immediate results in your processes.

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Data Action Technologies

Discover our different methods for infusing actionable insights into your processes below, or get in contact with us today to discuss what type of data action your company is looking for.

  • Workflow
  • Machine to Machine (M2M)
  • Machine to Human (M2H)
  • Workflow

    Configure your own workflows on our user friendly software platform, Systems Quality Control (SQC). Our workflow functionality enables streamlined flow of tasks and alerts to individuals in your company, as well as specific automated actions for Machine to Machine interaction.

    • Real-time alerts, instructions, orders, and more
    • Automated flow of tasks through your workflow hierarchy
    • Fully configurable workflow interface

  • Machine to Machine (M2M)

    Using M2M communications allows your various pieces of industrial equipment to communicate with each other in order to optimize your processes. As one of your sensors gathers data, aggregates it for analysis, and discovers an issue in the process, it will trigger a workflow that automatically adjusts the equipment being monitored so that it can compensate for the issue and ultimately improve its output.

    • No human involvement required
    • Automatic adjustments to compensate for issues
    • More accurate and streamlined outputs

  • Machine to Human (M2H)

    Using M2H communications gives your equipment the power to instruct humans when certain workflows are triggered. If your sensors detect an issue with a system that requires human intervention, your workers are alerted in real-time via email and/or SMS message so that they can take the appropriate corrective action.

    • Real-time email and/or SMS alerts
    • Data driven decisions promote intelligent human action
    • Configurable workflows to trigger alerts

Finding your actionable fit

At A4 Systems, we are committed to working with you to find the exact solution for your data action needs. Contact us today and let's discuss the best data action method for you.

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