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Data Aggregation

The second step towards digital transformation is to implement a system that aggregates the data collected by your devices to a centralized interface. At A4 Systems we make use of all of the top aggregation methods to ensure real-time, reliable data transfer from anywhere in the world to our software portal, Systems Quality Control (SQC).

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SQC — Systems Quality Control

SQC is our main interface where all data is aggregated for storage, visualization, and advanced analysis. The interface is equipped with various workflow features and configurable parameters, ultimately aiming to facilitate real-time awareness and quality control within your processes.

  • Accessible via any web browser
  • Configurable workflows and parameters
  • ISO 9001 compliant

Data Aggregation Technologies

Browse our various aggregation capabilities below, or get in contact with us today to discuss what method will work best for your company.

  • WiFi 6
  • LTE
  • Mesh Net
  • Satellite
  • Wifi 6

    Our WiFi 6 connectivity is an effective, high capacity solution for industrial facilities that have the ability to connect to a WiFi network. It offers a high speed/capacity and energy efficient method for you to aggregate all of your data being collected from each device.

    • High capacity for numerous device connections
    • Low latency
    • Energy efficient for connected devices

  • LTE

    LTE is a reliable and cost effective solution for aggregating your data in remote locations that are capable of connecting to a cellular network. Our LTE connectivity will help you with large scale device deployment almost anywhere in the world, with a highly secure network connection.

    • High scalability and performance
    • Cost effective
    • Secure network connection

  • Mesh Networking

    Our Mesh Networking solutions offer a low power consumption method for aggregating your data in remote areas. Each device piggybacks off of each other, allowing for a broader connectivity area and a more reliable uptime for your digital transformation.

    • Low power consumption
    • High reliability — minimal dead zones
    • Scalable across large geographic areas

  • Satellite

    Satellite connectivity is our optimal solution for digital transformation in areas where cellular and WiFi coverage is unavailable. This is your ideal data aggregation solution for bringing connectivity to your data sources in highly remote locations that otherwise cannot connect to a network.

    • Connection anywhere in the world
    • High reliability with minimal outages

Finding your aggregation technology

At A4 Systems, we are committed to working with you to find the exact solution for your data aggregation needs. Whether it be one of our above mentioned connection methods or a type of connectivity specific to your unique situation, contact us today and let's discuss the best aggregation technology for you.

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