Building Data Centric Solutions from Any Technology

Building Data Centric Solutions from Any Technology

Data generation has been exploding over the past several years, with over 90% of the total 38.5 zettabytes worldwide being created within the past two years alone. The exponential growth in data comes as a result of thousands and thousands of different data collection tools. As a provider of full stack data management, A4 Systems must ensure it always stays on top of the various tools on the market.

A4’s foundation relies on being technology agnostic; not limited to or biased by a certain technology tool kit. From hardware to software, each technology stack is chosen based on specific projects and their requirements. Essentially, choosing the best possible technical toolkit to best solve the problem at hand.

This foundation opens up a world of opportunity by not limiting the team’s capabilities to a certain technology stack. It has fostered a unique ability for A4 to solve a variety of problems across a multitude of industries. Any situation where data management technology is needed, A4 can build a solution.

One of the many innovative projects from A4 involved building an inventory tracking system using RFID technology. The team built high performing RFID antennas from the ground up to collect data and feed into a software system where advanced analysis would present users with useful insights.

Another project on a different end of the spectrum involved building a video surveillance system to monitor remote assets. Using video cameras, daily video data and insights are generated to give clients a view of their highly remote assets without having to travel to the site for an inspection.

A few current project developments involve building pressure and temperature sensors to collect data in various manufacturing processes. That data is then being used to build a digital replica of the processes in order to run rapid simulations that produce optimization insights.

All three projects, at their core, focus on collecting, transmitting, analyzing, and presenting data in understandable formats for the end user. They are all data management solutions but utilize vastly different tools to get the job done.

A4 has built a diverse team with skills including engineers, hardware / firmware developers, and software developers. The diverse skill sets and culture of innovation is the key driver behind how A4 is able to remain technology agnostic. Through combining each team member’s experience and knowledge, no technology is out of the company’s capacity to understand.

At the end of the day, A4’s culture of being technology agnostic allows the company to be more flexible when creating solutions. It can offer the best solution to the client with no limitations to the technology involved. No project is out of reach.