A4 Systems Sump Testing Probe (C.STP)

Precision leak detection for sumps and underground storage tanks.

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A4 Systems Sump Testing Probe (C.STP)

A4 Systems Inc. has developed a series of A4 Systems Sump Testing Probes (C.STP), a new cutting edge leak detection technology for testing sumps and underground storage tanks.

C.STP works by gathering pressure data from the underfill of a sump or underground tank through highly sensitive pressure transducers. All data is then used to calculate change in mass and is aggregated on our SQCsurvey.com, a centralized interface for managing C.STP data. Statistical and regression analysis is then performed to quantify any losses that may have been detected during testing. If any losses are found, email/text alerts are sent to the appropriate individuals so they can take the appropriate corrective actions.

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Minimized Human Error

Data gathering is computerized with minimal human intervention, reducing any source of human error.

Test Results Unaffected by Water

The method of measuring change in mass is not affected by water or free product in the tank nest.

Does not Void Tank Warranty

The measuring process does not use vacuum pressure, which is a common factor to void tank warranties.

No Maximum Tank Size Restrictions

Various lengths and resolutions of probes are available to test any size of tank.

Various Probe Models

Various sizes and resolutions are available to fit your specific tank needs, with higher resolutions providing greater performance.
1000 Series
2000 Series
3000 Series
4000 Series
Basic Resolution Low Resolution ppm Resolution ppb Resolution
NA Low Resolution ppm Resolution ppb Resolution
NA NA ppm Resolution ppb Resolution