Dan Houston transitions from COO to CXO at A4 Systems

March 17, 2020

Dan Houston transitions from COO to CXO at A4 Systems

New focus will be put on streamlining the customer experience as the company grows

A4 Systems Corporation (A4 Systems) is pleased to announce that Vice President, Dan Houston, has transitioned from his role as Chief Operations Officer (COO) to Chief Experience Officer (CXO). This was made official on February 10th with the addition of Robert Carleton as COO.

Dan comes from a background in commercial real estate where customer relationships and an ability to clearly explain complicated concepts are key to success. Given his skills working with customers that have varying and complex needs, he is well suited to take on the role of CXO and further enhance the experience of A4 Systems’ clients.

Formerly the Senior Vice President of Cresa Alberta, Dan spent 14 years in the commercial real estate industry, working on behalf of local, national, and international companies. Commercial real estate is a highly competitive industry that relies on exceptional customer relations in order to compete in the market. Given the competitive nature of his past work, Dan has a keen eye for developing and managing effective sales pipelines and seamless user experience for potential and current clients.

In his more recent endeavours, Dan has focused on smart city infrastructure and regulatory considerations / negotiations within the hemp & cannabis industry. These initiatives, along with his prior experience with oil and gas clients, are of great value to A4 Systems moving forward as the company currently has multiple projects on deck in these areas.

“It’s really fantastic and I am very excited,” said Dan. “The game plan was always to transition to CXO but we didn’t expect it to happen until late 2020. When I was introduced to Robert Carleton last year, I was ecstatic. Now I can focus on the things that were the genesis for my joining A4 Systems including our smart city projects, marketing, and product development, knowing my previous responsibilities for A4 will be expertly handled.”

Moving forward, Dan will direct all sales processes, ensuring a seamless experience for potential and existing customers. He will also play a big role in directing the user experience of customer facing software and websites. During his time as COO, Dan was already providing a great amount of support in customer initiatives, concept development, and user experience. With his transition to CXO will be able to focus all of his efforts towards strengthening the company’s interactions with clients as A4’s projects continue to expand in scope and into production.


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