HerdWhistle™ Officially Launches Across Canada With Exclusive Partner UFA

HerdWhistle™ Officially Launches Across Canada With Exclusive Partner UFA

CALGARY, AB, April 27, 2021 /CNW/ – A4 Systems officially launched Canadian distribution for HerdWhistle, a proprietary livestock monitoring system, following an April 19th, 2021 announcement by exclusive partner UFA.

HerdWhistle is an RFID monitoring system for livestock that alerts feedlots to early indicators of potential health issues. The system reports indicators of distress and illness up to seven days before visible symptoms can be seen. Monitoring animal behaviour 24/7 can potentially lead to 25% minimum improvement on mortality rates.

Located in Calgary, Alberta UFA is one of Canada’s largest co-operatives with over 120,000 member owners. “HerdWhistle can contribute significantly to the bottom line. It provides traceability for real-time on lot activity, matching animal history from squeeze to sell. HerdWhistle tracks cattle activity on the lot and can help improve inventory issues,” said Rob Giguere, Vice President Livestock Services and Market Strategy at UFA.

A4 Systems CEO Patrick Charest said UFA is the ideal partner for HerdWhistle. “UFA wants to serve its members and customers in the best way possible. Our supply chain and analytics are ready to go. We are ready to provide daily health recommendations for UFA’s feedlot customers,” Charest said.

HerdWhistle tracks cattle activity on the lot in real time and generates reports showing performance for each animal, lot, pen, or yard. The system monitors for missing, misplaced, or dead animals. Alerts are sent when animals are detected eating or drinking in the wrong pens. It allows experienced staff to focus on critical issues with animals. HerdWhistle reduces inventory issues and builds value in the herd.

“HerdWhistle does not disrupt the day-to-day operation of the feedlot in any way. It functions as normal along with handling our 24/7 alerts. Our system helps with inventory and manpower and we are focused on lowering herd mortality rates and building profitability for our customer,” said Charest.

“We are a new team member. We raise the bar on efficiency and work seamlessly with the operator’s expertise,” said Charest.

Learn more at herdwhistle.com

About A4 Systems:

Founded in 2015, A4 Systems is a world-class team of cyber physical system product developers, transforming quality data into primary competitive advantage. Based in Calgary, A4 builds mission-critical SaaS products for customers to achieve breakthrough performance. HerdWhistle™ is A4’s flagship product.