Agriculture & Livestock

By 2050, agricultural production will have to rise by 70% to meet projected demand. Between now and 2050 the planet’s population is likely to rise to 9.7 billion, from 7.3 billion now.

How do you increase production to this level without putting tremendous strain on the earth’s soils and oceans? Most land suitable for farming is already farmed. The growth must come from higher yields.

Capturing and analyzing high quality data is a proven way to achieve the higher yields you are after. Effective data management is often the key to better performance on a farm as it unlocks key opportunities in your value chain. By using cyber physical systems, you can capture new forms of yield data and transform it into a primary competitive advantage in your market.


Cyber physical systems simply add computing and networking capabilities to physical objects and processes on your farm. Take a driverless tractor for example, once a normal tractor that was operated by a human now drives itself by using a computer and GPS system, opening you up to better use of valuable farming resources.

Cyber physical systems make farms more efficient through automation. New technologies ranging from RFID and robotics to artificial intelligence and drones are changing the face of farming. Automation at the farm level can drastically change the production capabilities of an operation. Precision agriculture allows farmers to maximize yields through optimized control of the variables.

New developments in livestock technology are making huge improvements in managing and tracking livestock. Livestock technology can enhance or improve the productivity capacity and welfare of animals. The “connected cow” concept is coming to fruition. Cyber physical systems for monitoring and tracking are now delivering levels of information one dreamed of a decade ago. These advanced technologies are now part of the daily life of the ranch and its livestock.


Automation is changing how crops and animals are raised. Cyber physical systems in a variety of forms are being used throughout the value chain to monitor, collect, track and report information used to improve operations. Cameras, radio frequency identification, sensors, sound waves, and infrared are now part of the modern farm and ranch.

A4 Systems is a world-class team of cyber physical product developers. We invent cyber physical systems if you have no current system in place, or reinvent your old underperforming systems to upgrade the capabilities and the data it provides. Almost every physical value chain in midsize to large farms can benefit from an A4 Systems cyber physical product.



  • Continuously create and collect higher quality crop and livestock data
  • Transform your farm process data into a primary competitive advantage
  • Extract new value from your operations with artificial intelligence
  • Add computing and networking capabilities to your physical processes and assets


  • Uncover key opportunities in your value chain
  • Achieve breakthrough yield performance
  • Make smarter, data driven decisions
  • Improve overall profitability