Newsletter – 3D Printing an Entire Two-Story House!

3D Printing an Entire Two-Story House!

A Belgian company, named Kamp C, has proven size is no longer a limitation with 3D printing. The company took on one of the most ambitious 3D printing projects yet and successfully printed a two-story house in Belgium. 

Accomplishing this was no simple task. Kamp C had to craft the largest 3D printer in Europe, measuring in at 32 x 32 feet. Layer by layer it poured concrete to build the outer shell of the house from the ground up. 

Many companies have printed tiny homes before, but what makes this project an amazing feat is that it was an entire two-story home. All past homes have only been a single floor. Until Kamp C, no printers could reach that high! 

3D printing has been around since the 1980s, but never really took off until recently. Size limitations have long been a constraint for manufacturers using them. Printers only allowed you to produce objects that were a matter of inches in size. Fast forward to the past 10 years and there are all kinds of new innovations in the 3D printing field. Printers are getting bigger and bigger, opening the doors to projects on a massive scale. 

The sheer size of the printer and house is impressive on its own. But almost equally as remarkable, the entire 980 square foot house only took 30 days to complete. A typical house takes months of construction, but with a 3D printer, it can work night and day with little to no manual labor needed. It simply works autonomously from a digital file to layer concrete to the exact specifications. 

Speed is one of the main advantages of 3D printing; a multi-week prototyping project can be trimmed down to a matter of hours. 3D printing allows you to perform prototyping in house. The printers are affordable and relatively simple to use. All you need is a CAD file and material and the printer does most of the work. 

At A4 Systems, we use 3D printing on a daily basis. For manufacturing, we are working with larger sized printers that enable us to produce some incredible products. When it comes to prototyping, we have multiple printers on hand to produce dozens of iterations in a matter of hours. Rapid prototyping is an essential component of us developing and testing the best designs possible for each of our products.