Press Release, CALGARY, Alberta - April 22, 2019

Rapid Growth Prompts A4 Systems to Relocate their Headquarters

A4 Systems has relocated to The Edison building on 9th Avenue downtown Calgary to accommodate recent and future company growth.

A recent influx of growth has driven A4 Systems to relocate their headquarters in Airdrie to downtown Calgary. The official move occurred on Wednesday, April 17 and is the first step towards the company’s goals for explosive growth over the next few years.

The new office is located at 150 9th Avenue on the 5th floor of The Edison — a 30 storey building in the heart of the downtown Calgary core. The new location will provide the company with a more modern and spacious area, which is essential as the team continues to expand. With the location centered in downtown Calgary, it will provide much easier access for clients and investors, or any strategic meeting that may occur.

“This is an exciting time for A4 Systems and this new office is just one of many milestones for the company,” says A4 Systems President / CEO Adam Morand. “We are currently exploring numerous opportunities that will produce wide scale implementation of our Industrial IoT technology. With this new office space, we can now accommodate more team members and ultimately drive innovation while expanding our product offerings worldwide.”

The new headquarters reflects A4 System’s goals to dominate the global Industrial IoT industry. With both offices and a build space for electronics, the company is equipped with the exact tools needed to continue its extensive R&D, marketing, and sales initiatives while pursuing innovation in a growing digital world.

About A4 Systems

A4 Systems (A4S) was founded in 2015 with a vision to augment the efficiency and experience of all service technicians globally. The company specializes in developing Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices and SaaS solutions for Energy and Property Management companies through a network of Service Delivery companies on a global scale.

Each technology follows the A4 Strategy, which is derived from Data Acquisition, Aggregation, Analysis, and Action — a full end-to-end methodology to support data driven decisions and drive human action. A4S has created and continues to maintain SQC as the SaaS portal for all data and human interactions with the A4 process.

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