Sump Testing Probe - A4.STP

Cutting edge leak detection technology for testing sumps and underground storage tanks
  • Underfill leak detection for sumps and underground tanks
  • Computerized data acquisition with minimal human intervention
  • Precise volumetric loss rates
  • Quantified vapour loss rates
  • Data aggregated to SQC via cellular network
  • Various resolutions and sizes
  • Solar and/or local powered
  • Detailed reporting
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A4 Systems has developed a series of A4.STPs, a new cutting edge leak detection technology for testing sumps and underground storage tanks.

A4.STP works by gathering pressure data from the underfill of a sump or underground tank through highly sensitive pressure transducers. All data is then used to calculate change in mass and is aggregated onto SQC, our centralized interface for managing A4.STP data. Statistical and regression analysis is then performed to quantify any losses that may have been detected during testing. If any losses are found, email and SMS alerts are sent to the appropriate individuals so they can take the appropriate corrective actions.

Industry Uses

  • Chemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Millitary
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Compatible with SQC

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Site Quality Control (SQC) is an online interface built to integrate with each of A4 System’s IIoT devices. The interface facilitates all data acquisition, aggregation, analysis, and actionable insights from the devices, as well as provides a centralized hub for managing work orders and assignments.

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