Try on Gucci Shoes at Home – Almost!

Try on Gucci Shoes at Home – Almost!

Choose the Gucci sneakers you like the most at the Gucci website and point your smartphone camera at your feet. A built-in app works with the camera to capture you “wearing” the shoes. Do not like how they look on you? Select another shoe and try it again. It is your own virtual dressing room to try the shoes you want in an instant. You will not know how they fit but you will know how they look. Take a snapshot and send it to your friends!

Augmented reality has made its way into the consumer retail market and its march is not slowing down anytime soon.

Augmented reality is enhancing reality with digital components. Using smartphones, for example, users activate the smartphone’s camera and use an AR application to change the view. Images can be superimposed. Real-time directions can be added. Labels can be inserted, and colors can be changed. As technology improves the way the view can be augmented will continue to expand. Augmented reality is not virtual reality where the user is totally immersed in the reality. Augmented reality uses the real world as the canvas and then adds to it in new and helpful ways.

Toyota Hybrid AR

The Toyota Hybrid AR program uses augmented reality so show the inner workings of Toyota’s C-HR model.  The application overlays images of the inner workings of the car onto the physical vehicle. Customers can discover new features or go in depth about how the car uses energy or how the drivetrain works while driving. The app uses different drive states like ‘deceleration’ or ‘heavy acceleration’ to demonstrate the actual inner workings of the car.

 IKEA Place

Want to see how an IKEA sofa is going to look in your living room? Not a problem. Cannot decide where to position your new IKEA bed in your bedroom. Easy fix. The IKEA Place application lets the customer browse through an IKEA catalogue on a smartphone and place the item into the room the camera is viewing. The IKEA Place app can play a big role in the IKEA shopping experience. The consumer can make buying decisions based on “real” placement of the furniture in the actual living area. The stress of “will it fit” is gone. IKEA claims the 3-D furniture in the augmented reality images scale with 98 percent accuracy. And the images are true-to-life representations of the actual furniture.

Disney’s Color and Play

Does your child love Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck? Now they can bring those characters to life simply by coloring them. Download Disney’s coloring book app on your mobile device. Hold the focus of your smartphone on the coloring book. As the crayons go to work coloring the page, the app creates a 3-D animated model of the same character within the app. Color and Play is Disney’s augmented reality application for coloring books. Today’s children will be growing up immersed in augmented reality and a deeply visual culture.


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