Temperature Sensing Unit - A4.TSU

Effectively monitor the temperature levels of any piece of equipment.
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature levels within a piece of equipment
  • Multiple temperature probes for various locations on the equipment
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Monitoring of incoming power source
  • Monitoring of internal backup battery condition
  • 30 minutes of backup battery after power loss
  • Real time data aggregation to SQC via cellular network
  • Custom temperature thresholds and time delays
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze loss rates
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze temperature data
  • Email and SMS notifications when temperature thresholds are met or power to the unit is lost
  • Exception and Trend reporting
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A4.TSU effectively monitors the temperature levels of any piece of equipment, with automated alerts to site workers when the equipment reaches a certain threshold.

The A4.TSU works by gathering temperature readings from multiple probes attached to the equipment and sends all of the data via cellular network to SQC, our online interface for managing the temperature sensing units. Temperature thresholds and time delays are customized on SQC according to your specific needs. When the thresholds are met, an email or SMS alert is immediately sent indicating the exact area of concern so the appropriate individuals can take the corrective actions needed to prevent equipment damage.

Industry Uses

  • Chemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Millitary
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Compatible with SQC

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Site Quality Control (SQC) is an online interface built to integrate with each of A4 System’s IIoT devices. The interface facilitates all data acquisition, aggregation, analysis, and actionable insights from the devices, as well as provides a centralized hub for managing work orders and assignments.

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