Eliminate the Arbitrary, Make Powerful Decisions

Drive actionable intelligence into your leak detection, calibration, and inspection decisions through cutting edge IIoT and SaaS technology.

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A True End-to-End Solution Supporting Your Data Driven Decisions









A4 Systems integrates Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices and SaaS platforms to seamlessly support the leak detection, calibration, and inspection processes of Energy and Property Management companies. All A4 technologies are designed with each step of each process in mind, providing a full end-to-end solution ultimately driving intelligent human action.

Security & Cost Savings.

Stand Alone System

Intelligent edge computing allows for remote data acquisition and aggregation from anywhere with no need for costly support facilities

Reduce Hardware Costs

Integrates With Existing Systems

Fully supporting filtered, clean, and relevant data exchanges with your existing legacy business systems

Work Smarter

Smarter Devices

Using Artificial Intelligence to discern logical analysis and drive human action

Advanced IIoT Devices.

Acquire and aggregate all leak detection and calibration data from anywhere with our stand alone, self-contained IIoT hardware.
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SQC - Site Quality Control.

Facilitate and automate your inspection processes with our highly configurable online SaaS interface. Manage all IIoT devices and data from a centralized interface.
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