Digital Transformation for Mining

Extracting more revenue from your precious metals

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Extracting new value

Mining has been one of the world’s key industries for years and years. It is an industry that continues to innovate and grow rapidly. One area in which the industry is evolving towards is data. Many claim data is the most valuable resource in the world, and it is a well known fact that in today’s Industry 4.0 data can produce significant amounts of extra value when integrated into any industrial process, including mining.

Problems Our Customers are Facing

Discussions with many companies over the years has brought to surface a few problems that affect most mining operations:

Micro deposits left behind

When extracting gold, silver, and copper, significant amounts of micro metal deposits are often left behind.

Difficult and expensive to extract

The micro deposits are difficult, expensive, and inefficient to extract using traditional mining methods.

Missed revenue opportunity

Left behind micro deposits add up to thousands of dollars in missed revenue opportunities

Steps Towards Your Facility’s Digital Transformation


Data acquisition is an essential component of digitally transforming your metal mining operations into a precision mining facility. The typical method for precision mining uses heap leaching, in which a chemical is flown through a large pile of loose rock from your mine. Our access to high quality pressure, temperature, and flow sensors are able to intelligently facilitate this process while collecting accurate data points.


Many mines are located in the middle of nowhere, and therefore can be difficult to connect to a network. Our aggregation technologies span across all of the bleeding edge tech that is available. The most effective method for heap leach mines is fog computing, in which all of the sensors collecting data on temperature, pressure, and flow are able to communicate with each other and pass along information. A typical set up will have a centralized device that gathers all of the data from each sensor and aggregates it to our cloud software platform, SQC, where it can then be stored and organized.


Analysis is an important piece of digitally transforming your mining operations, and offers a great deal of value. Each of our sensors are capable of performing analysis at the edge, or in other words, directly at the sensor. This creates a faster, more secure, and more efficient means of analyzing the data for important insights while heap leaching. Each device has artificial intelligence programmed into them for its ability to continuously improve.


Lastly, the data must be converted into useful action for either machines or humans to enact. The data being pulled and analyzed from the temperature, pressure, and flow sensors is turned into email and SMS notifications to alert your employees of any important, real-time decisions they need to make. With all of the sensors analyzing and communicating amongst each other, they are able to adjust their own flow rates and quantities to produce the most efficient output of micro metals.

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