3 Real World Examples of Cyber Physical Products in Action

3 Real World Examples of Cyber Physical Products in Action

Capturing real value from data is not a simple task. But it is an essential strategy that all businesses must master. So, where can a company start? The solution is cyber physical products. 

Cyber-physical products are essentially physical devices that have the ability to make computations and connect to a network. They are systems that capture data from your operations and turn it into real measurable value for the company as a whole. Top companies today are seeing the potential  and developing high value cyber physical products. 

Example #1 – General Electric

General Electric deployed a series of cyber-physical products around its operations in the area of aviation, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy production. The devices all connected to a main software system in order to analyze data and produce meaningful insights to the team. 

In its aviation operations alone, cyber-physical products generated a 5% cycle time improvement and an 8-10% reduction in reworking. Given the more precise data on equipment, General Electric was also able to shift 25% of its predictive maintenance efforts from schedule-based to a more effective condition-based method.

Example #2 – FedEx

FedEx is another large company who has seen success through implementing cyber-physical products. The company ships a large amount of pharmaceutical products, which are incredibly temperature sensitive. To combat this, FedEx deployed small cyber-physical temperature sensors on the important packages. 

Through the sensors, the company could then track the critical packages location when they reach outside a certain temperature threshold. The innovation has been very successful in reducing the annual $1.5 billion in costs that are accrued each year from storing products in dangerous temperatures. 

Example #3 – Shell

Shell has also seen great success from cyber-physical products. The company installed a variety of cyber-physical sensors for remote pipeline surveillance and wellhead monitoring. The initiative was aimed to eliminate the need for manual data collection, thus having a significant impact on the required travel time to these remote locations. 

The power of these cyber-physical products saw a savings of over $1 million for shell. Another great illustration of the value that data can provide for a company of any size.


A4 Systems understands the value that cyber-physical products can provide for any company, and therefore strives to develop the most effective solutions. Through its cyber-physical products, any company can achieve breakthrough performance.