About Us


Competing in a data-driven world, most businesses struggle to capture real value from data and analytics. Data management constraints cause mid-size and large companies to miss key opportunities in the value chain. Companies are left vulnerable to underwhelming performance and encroachment by competitors.

A4 Systems is a world-class team of cyber physical system product developers, transforming quality data into primary competitive advantage. A trusted partner to industries like manufacturing, agriculture, and energy, A4 builds mission-critical SaaS products for customers to achieve breakthrough performance.

Our Mission

A4 Systems is dedicated to the advancement of data acquisition practices through continuous evaluation of all known technologies and to the deployment of the most efficient and advantageous data acquisition strategies. By aggregating data from disparate sources to maximize data quantity and quality, we create value for our customers. We maintain a passionate commitment to understanding data, driving analysis perspectives that are vital to the generation of decisions and recommendations to be utilized by machines and/or humans. We increase customer data understanding and connectedness by turning disparate data into organizational knowledge and wisdom.

Patrick Charest, P.Eng.