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Unleashing the full potential of data

In June 2019, A4 Systems, a team specializing in the development and integration of data management solutions, separated from its former parent entity to pursue a global opportunity; the need for more relevant and actionable data. Companies in all industries now recognize that quality data is essential to their competitive advantage. However, there remains a serious deficiency in organizations and individuals to unleash the full potential of data to their advantage. And few data management providers have the skills and experience to meet the exponential growth in demand.

A4 Systems develops Full Stack Data Management solutions, or in other words, a value chain that focuses on acquiring, aggregating, analyzing, and turning data into action. Rather than an “all-in-one” solution applicable across industries, A4 Systems designs hardware and software to best integrate with each client’s legacy systems and collect data from all aspects of their operations, ensuring the highest value in a user-friendly format.

A4 Systems is well-positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for digital transformation services across the entire industrial sector by developing data management solutions to drive process efficiency, precision, and safety — Decisions Empowered by Data.

“Developing industries are more likely to utilize new technology and innovations than latent ones. Each time we sit down with companies that operate in these spaces and present our approach, it becomes easy for these companies to see how A4 Systems can help transform their industry, bringing it into the 21st Century.” – Adam Morand, President & CTO

Our Mission

A4 Systems is dedicated to the advancement of data acquisition practices through continuous evaluation of all known technologies and to the deployment of the most efficient and advantageous data acquisition strategies. By aggregating data from disparate sources to maximize data quantity and quality, we create value for our customers. We maintain a passionate commitment to understanding data, driving analysis perspectives that are vital to the generation of decisions and recommendations to be utilized by machines and/or humans. We increase customer data understanding and connectedness by turning disparate data into organisational knowledge and wisdom.

Patrick Charest, P.Eng.