Clean, accurate, and reliable data via intelligent devices.

Collection of red ones and zeros

Data Acquisition

The first step in any digital transformation is to ensure clean, accurate, and reliable data is being acquired. At A4 Systems we develop cutting edge technologies for data acquisition in Industry 4.0. Using Industrial IoT sensor technology (IIoT), our devices offer superior precision while eliminating manual data entry.

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  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Temperature

    Seamlessly collect temperature data anywhere in your industrial processes. Whether it be for maintaining safe equipment operating temperatures or ensuring consistent quality control in the product being produced, our temperature sensors are the first step in transforming the process.

    • Gather temperature data from any industrial process
    • Supports multiple temperature probes per device
    • Local and/or solar powered

  • Pressure

    Using smart pressure sensing devices, gather pressure data anywhere in your industrial processes. From ambient air pressure to leak detection within a containment system, our smart pressure sensing devices will give you the data needed to intelligently analyze your processes.

    • Acquire pressure data from any industrial process
    • Supports multiple pressure sensors per device
    • Local and/or solar powered

  • Flow

    Our selection of advanced flow meters allow you to quantify flow data of any liquid or gas. Handling either the flow of toxic chemicals or dosing of food ingredients, our equipment acquires the exact data needed to drive intelligent analysis and optimize the flow of your liquids and gases.

    • Stainless steel, food-grade equipment
    • Quantify any liquid or gas flow rate
    • Ensure highly accurate results

Finding your acquisition technology

At A4 Systems, we are committed to working with you to find the exact solution for your data acquisition needs. Whether it be one of our current deployments, or a data collection device specific to your unique situation, contact us today and let's discuss the best acquisition technology for you.

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