Adam Morand Takes on Role as CTO for A4 Systems

March 26, 2020

Adam Morand Takes on Role as CTO for A4 Systems

More focus will be placed on directing the company’s technological innovation

President and Founder of A4 Systems Corporation (A4 Systems), Adam Morand, has shifted roles in the company from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This came into effect on February 10th with the successful addition of Patrick Charest as the company’s new CEO.

The strategic decision to shift Adam to CTO is the culmination of months of strategic planning aimed at aligning his extensive all encompassing technical knowledge with several significant upcoming projects for A4 Systems. He has spent over 25 years commercializing and administering data management systems for enterprise and mission critical applications, and has executed over 1,000 technology projects across varied industries, from startups to large capital enterprises. Given the entrance of Patrick Charest as CEO, Adam can now focus his efforts solely towards directing technological development within A4 Systems to accommodate upcoming projects.

“With Patrick taking over as CEO, I am now confident the business development and long term growth side of A4 Systems is in great hands,” said Adam. “This is a transition that has been in the works for over a year now and will open me up to direct all technology initiatives. We have huge plans for growth in the coming years, and I’m thrilled to be the driving force behind the many innovative projects we have in the works.”

Under Adam’s leadership, the company currently has multiple projects in development as well as several deployed in the field. These recent deployments are further boosting the company into revenue and putting it on track for continued long term growth.

Many of the current projects, and projects in the near future, are targeted toward essential services and critical suppliers. Adam, and the rest of the A4 Systems team are standing behind the companies who are still in operation during the current situation facing the world by providing innovative technologies to help with their bottom line.

“Right now a lot of industries are feeling a tremendous pressure on their operations,” said Adam. “We are in a position where we can develop technology to aid the food supply chain and other essential areas of business. Our technology is designed to increase efficiency and productivity in these industries, which is exactly what is needed during this disruptive situation.”

With a ramped up effort towards technological development, the company is set to continue on its growth path, providing cutting edge technology to the industrial sector.


About A4 Systems

A4 Systems Corporation is a leader in Digital Transformation Services tailored for any industrial organization. A4’s focus is centered on the entire flow of data; from acquisition and aggregation to intelligent analysis, which ultimately drives machine and human action. With digital transformation becoming a necessity across all industries, A4 gives industrial organizations the exact tools needed to survive the disruptive nature of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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