Digital Transformation for Hemp & Cannabis

Optimizing your extraction and processing from input to output.

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Hemp & Cannabis Taking the World by Storm

Both the Hemp & Cannabis industries are booming worldwide. The cannabis market is estimated to be worth over $14.9 billion, while the hemp market is set to reach over $4.5 billion. More than 263 million people across the globe consume cannabis at least once per year, with numbers rapidly growing as legalization spreads to more countries.

Problems Our Customers are Facing

Each customer we work with is unique when it comes to their requirements for digital transformation. But many have expressed the same problems in their road to transformation within the Hemp & Cannabis industry:

No documented best practices

The Hemp & Cannabis industries are still relatively new and have yet to establish best practices for extraction and processing, therefore our customers have been struggling to produce consistent products.

Minimal technology to collect data

In today’s Industry 4.0, data is an essential component in optimizing Hemp & Cannabis extraction and processing, although very few of the companies we work with have proper sensors in place to collect highly valuable data.

Strict Regulatory Compliance

The hemp & cannabis industry operates under numerous regulatory compliance paradigms, which can be difficult to manage and maintain across multiple municipal, state/ provincial, or federal governments.

Steps Towards Your Facility’s Digital Transformation


Digital transformation within your Hemp or Cannabis facility begins with the collection of clean, reliable data points.

With our broad range of acquisition technologies, we will find the perfect fit for you to gather data from your hemp or cannabis extraction and processing operations. Whether that be pressure and flow data from your CBD extraction equipment, ambient temperature of the facility, or anything in between, we will work with you to find the best course of action to drive valuable data into your operations.


Once you have established various sensors to acquire data, the next step is for us to evaluate your specific requirements and implement the best system to aggregate your data to a centralized portal.

Depending on the network connectivity within your hemp or cannabis facility, WiFi 6 or LTE are typically the fastest and most cost effective connection methods for aggregating your data. Pairing these connectivity methods with Systems Quality Control (SQC) — our ISO 9001 compliant software interface — allows you to effectively store the data and visualize it for important business metrics.


After all of your data has been aggregated to SQC, analysis needs to take place. Working together, we will discuss the various Artificial Intelligence capabilities and find the best suited model to optimize your operations.

Our Machine Learning and Deep Learning models work to advance your processes through continuous learning and improvement with each task they perform. The technology will enhance the accuracy of your extraction and processing methods, producing highly precise CBD and THC levels from any strain of hemp or cannabis you use.


The final step in your hemp or cannabis digital transformation is to turn your analyzed data into actionable insights.

With our Human to Machine communications, you are able to input your strain of hemp or cannabis and the desired percentage of CBD/THC extraction output. From there your extraction equipment will adjust itself to produce the desired product. Our Machine Learning and Deep Learning models allow for predictive maintenance, sending you alerts of future equipment failures before they occur. With a basic Artificial Intelligence model, real-time alerts are triggered when certain data points cross a specified threshold, indicating a potential problem in the system (ie. dangerously high pressure levels).

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