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Calgary, AB

Who we are:

Competing in a data-driven world, most businesses struggle to capture real value from data and analytics. Data management constraints cause mid-size and large companies to miss key opportunities in the value chain. Companies are left vulnerable to underwhelming performance and encroachment by competitors.

A4 Systems is a world-class team of cyber physical system product developers, transforming quality data into primary competitive advantage. A trusted partner to industries like manufacturing, agriculture, and energy, A4 builds mission-critical SaaS products for customers to achieve breakthrough performance.

What you’ll be doing:

We are looking for individuals who have the ability to handle all aspects of the technical development process and can take a data-driven concept from identification/ideation through to execution that results in a tangible, measurable and impactful improvement. 

This role is also responsible for reviewing and writing code within implementations of customized client databases that will help customers streamline their business with A4 SQC.

Data science responsibilities:

  • Work with stakeholders throughout the organization to identify opportunities for leveraging company data to drive business solutions.
  • Mine and analyze data from company databases to drive optimization and improvement of product development.
  • Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources and data gathering techniques.
  • Develop and test custom data models and algorithms to apply to data sets.
  • Develop testing framework and test model quality.
  • Process large amounts of structured and unstructured data, including integrating data from multiple sources.
  • Design experiments and collect data for the purpose of deriving data analytics insights and solutions
  • Experiment with multiple Best Fit algorithms
  • Coordinate with different functional teams to implement models and monitor outcomes.
  • Develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy.

Full stack development responsibilities:

  • Analyze a clients’ business processes and ensure the SQC system conforms to these processes.
  • Create modifications to specific instances of A4’s applications based on our clients’ requirements.
  • Develop client solution as part of a cross-functional team consisting of business advisors, other developers, and customer
  • Design/develop an effective and scalable integrated solution within SQC or third party application integration
  • Develop and design RESTful services and APIs
  • Troubleshoot, debug, fix and upgrade software and ensure client software solution works robustly in the field
  • Adhere to and promote best software programming practices such as coding standards, code and design reviews and test coverage
  • Support any migration and software refresh activities

Who you are:

  • Bachelor Degree Computer Science
  • Knowledge of a variety of machine learning techniques (clustering, decision tree learning, artificial neural networks, etc.) and their real-world advantages/drawbacks.
  • Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques and concepts (regression, properties of distributions, statistical tests and proper usage, etc.) and experience with applications.
  • Experience creating and using advanced machine learning algorithms and statistics: regression, simulation, scenario analysis, modeling, clustering, decision trees, neural networks, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience in statistical and data mining techniques: GLM/Regression, Random Forest, Boosting, Trees, text mining, social network analysis, etc.
  • Experience in API design and development.
  • Working understanding of PostgreSQL, AngularJS, Express.js, React, and Node.js.
  • Ability to debug and optimize existing tailored solutions
  • Unix/Linux platform
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for coordinating across teams.
  • Experience visualizing/presenting data for stakeholders
  • Interest in predicting trends and identifying patterns
  • Strong investigative and observation skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills with an emphasis on product development.
  • Critical thinking

Minimum 1 year of experience in the following:

  • Frontend: Experience working with Typescript / Javascript
  • Frontend: Functional knowledge of HTML and SASS/ LESS/CSS
  • Familiarity with database architecture and design concepts (UML/ERD)
  • Experience working with Big Data
  • experience manipulating data sets and building statistical models
  • Experience using statistical computer languages (Python, SLQ, etc.) to manipulate data and draw insights from large data sets.
  • Experience working with and creating data architectures.
  • Coding knowledge and experience with several languages: C, C++, Java

Minimum 5 years of experience in the following:

  • Strong knowledge of Linux, PHP and MySQL
  • Strong knowledge of data structures, system design, and algorithms

Sound like the job for you?

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