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Headshot of Adam Morand

Adam Morand

President & CEO

Adam has consulted for hundreds of companies and been involved in the development of new advanced technologies for over 23 years. Adam is an executive & creative technologist with extensive history building technology teams dedicated to the development and implementation of business systems. Adam has served as a C-suite executive on several successful public companies on both the Nasdaq and TSX and is the founder of Illuminated Technologies Inc., a rapid prototyping and custom tech development company which he grew to employ over 75 people. Currently, he also serves as the President and CEO for Oasis Technology Inc., a developer of smart cities and connected IoT technologies and services, which provide synergistic services and products to A4 Systems. In addition to his start-up, international enterprise, and public company management experience, he also has extensive history inventing and patenting software systems for gaming, payment processing, and inventory control.

Headshot of Dan Houston

Dan Houston

Vice President & COO

Dan had provided strategic advisement to A4 Systems on its smart infrastructure and hemp & cannabis industry initiatives before formally joining A4 Systems in May 2019. Formerly Senior Vice President at Cresa Alberta, Dan has been involved in the commercial real estate industry since 2005 and has worked on behalf of local, national, and international companies since he returned to Canada from China in 2002. Dan has worked for national and international companies on assignments up to 400,000 square feet and above with a strong emphasis on strategic planning and implementation processes. Over the last few years, Dan’s representation has been focused on smart city infrastructure and the hemp & cannabis industry. Along with his local contributions to regulatory considerations and negotiations for the hemp & cannabis industry, his background in oil and gas, existing relationships, and strategic mindset has been drawn on by international teams with regards to new industry development. Dan remains an Associate of Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).

Headshot of Steven Lee

Steven Lee


Steven is a dynamic leader and experienced financial executive with a career focused on hyper growth companies. As an early employee of Mobify, a privately-owned SaaS company with a staff size of 160, he successfully secured the company’s first financing (+$10M), led the M&A process of multiple US-based companies, oversaw a 300% growth in revenue and a 400% increase in staff with expansion into the UK and US, while providing strategic advice to the CEO and board of advisors. Steven was also an early employee of Slack Technologies, touted as the fastest company to reach a billion-dollar valuation. As a passionate advocate for community and mentorship, he has also served as Treasurer and Chair of Audit and Finance Committee of Ronald McDonald House BC, Vancouver Treasurer of St. John’s Ambulance Canada and acts as a mentor to start-ups and growing businesses. Steven earned his Bachelor of Commerce from University of British Columbia and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (British Columbia).

Headshot of Mark Jensen

Mark Jensen


Mark officially joined A4 Systems in May 2019 having been its Marketing Consultant since 2015. With substantial experience, Mark has consulted with more than 300 companies in the past 17 years. His responsibilities are the design and implementation of the client's sales funnel, including designing and implementing lead generation and sales systems. Mark has significant private and public experience as a Founder, President, and CEO of MGN Technologies Inc. (formerly, Tryx Ventures Corp.) and also serves as its CFO and Principal Accounting Officer. Since October 2005, he has served as CEO of Ignition Technologies, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of MGN Technologies Inc. Additionally, he remains the Owner and President of DVRC, LLC since his start in 2000 and is the founder and President of Northtech Industries, a contractor to major home builders in the Seattle area. Mark received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Washington State University in 1984.

Headshot of Joseph Bignell

Joseph Bignell


With over ten years of software development experience, Joseph has extensive experience in designing, building, and implementing software solutions to meet project goals. With a strong understanding of various coding languages including but not limited to Python, Java, C++, PHP, and Javascript, Joseph has proven to be a creative and efficient leader for development teams and projects. Joseph is an expert at solving problems through implementing software solutions across the business spectrum and has experienced many organization-wide digital transformations of service and manufacturing companies. Joseph has had the opportunity to design market leading systems for clients involving ERP systems, machine learning, databases, REST and backend systems, websites, server administration, edge devices, mobile apps, and more. Joseph knows the value of bridging technology with users in the real world and creating tangible digital value for his clients. He holds a BSc in Software Engineering from the University of Calgary.

Headshot of Daniel Doucette

Daniel Doucette


A creative design specialist with over 25 years’ experience in edge IIoT, architectonics, industrial, and game design. Daniel is the principal founding partner of Cybernautica Technologies, a virtual reality start-up. Since 2000, Daniel has worked as a contract designer, developer, and consultant for a long list of companies, spanning multiple industries, which enables him to have a unique perspective on company-client interactions.

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