Press Release

Green Vine Investments Inc. and A4 Systems Corporation collaborate on cannabis industry optimization

Calgary, Canada, August 26, 2019

Green Vine Investments Inc. (Green Vine) and A4 Systems Corporation (A4) have entered into a letter of intent to collaborate and implement cutting edge data processing technology to address critical bottlenecks in scaling and optimization of the cannabis/hemp industry. With the integration of A4’s digital transformation technologies and research, Green Vine will leverage industrial process data to optimize its operations, decrease costs, improve output quality and significantly streamline production.

“"We specialize in digital transformation for industrial activities; our approach requires extensive innovation and integration of data acquisition strategies and technologies. Green Vine’s extraction facilities provide a tremendous opportunity for innovative development and collaboration. Our significant objective is to advance industry’s manufacturing processes, specifically in cannabinoid extraction and seed to sale data acquisition for full spectrum recreational or medicinal cannabis and CBD derivatives. Due to the early development stage of this industry, significant opportunities exist to deliver systemic efficiencies at all levels” said Adam Morand, CEO of A4.

We are looking at disruptive, bleeding edge technology to help improve and optimize our extraction facilities in the US and standardize all verticals into best practices ahead of the competition in a very fragmented market,” said Leah Kincaid, CEO of Green Vine.

About A4 Systems

A4 Systems Corporation is a leader in Digital Transformation Services tailored for any industrial organization. A4’s focus is centered on the entire flow of data; from acquisition and aggregation to intelligent analysis, which ultimately drives machine and human action. With digital transformation becoming a necessity across all industries, A4 gives industrial organizations the exact tools needed to survive the disruptive nature of Industry 4.0.

About Green Vine Investments.

Green Vine Investments is a consolidator of Cannabis and Hemp companies, the intellectual property relating to the industry and the real estate involved in the US, Canada and internationally. Targets include existing processors for cannabis brands and Cannabis extraction facilities in Washington State as well as Hemp farms and extraction facilities in Oregon State, opportunities in Canada and multiple opportunities globally.

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