Reference Meter Prover - A4.RMP

Lab quality, on-site measurements and calibrations
  • Automated flow rate and volumetric data acquisition
  • On-site calibration with lab quality measurements
  • Fully electronic, closed loop calibration technology
  • Program corporate calibration standards for each client
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to determine if calibration is required
  • All data is aggregated onto SQC
  • Dispenser Early Warning, Network Flow Rate Performance, and Quarterly Calibration reports

A4.RMP provides high quality on-site measurements for meter calibration. Every step of the process is controlled by a computer software system to provide highly accurate Electronic Calibration.

A4.RMP uses the Coriolis Measurement Principle to evaluate flow rate and total volume. It gathers data on mass and density to calculate the two variables and then aggregates all of the information for reporting onto our user interface, SQC. The data is then analyzed and compared to the individual client’s corporate standards. If the equipment is outside of the standards, the technician is notified that calibration is needed.

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Industry Uses

  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Millitary
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Compatible with SQC

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Site Quality Control (SQC) is an online interface built to integrate with each of A4 System’s IIoT devices. The interface facilitates all data acquisition, aggregation, analysis, and actionable insights from the devices, as well as provides a centralized hub for managing work orders and assignments.

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