Systems Quality Control (SQC) centralizes post-collection processing of data for comparison with your quality management standards, quickly converting them into usable metrics that guide asset and process decisions. Users input routine inspection data directly onto the interface from any device, and the data is aggregated and analyzed in real-time for immediate conversion into actionable insights.

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Diagram showing the flow of SQC

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The highly configurable nature of the interface allows for you to customize survey templates, checklists, exception/escalation policies, dashboards, notifications, and alerts consistent with your company’s individual quality standards.


Number, multiple choice, photo, and more.
Numerous survey types supported: asset compliance, equipment verification, visual standards compliance, and more. Configurable alerts and notifications Fully customizable interface to support your business rules for escalations, exceptions, completions, and more.

ISO 9001 Compliant

All activities updated in real-time to maximize the efficiency of your quality control processes.

Task and Monitor

Assign daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annual tasks to specific users. Track, monitor, report, and trend all essential activities related to the operation of your company.

Web Based Interface

Accessible from any web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no barriers to participation.
Audio, video, and picture supported knowledgebase for detailed checklist responses.

Configurable Notifications

Fully customizable to support your own business rules for escalations, exceptions and more.

Command and Control.

Gain control over your data, and optimize your enterprise.

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