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The A 4 Story

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway and at its core the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are all changing the way humans live and work. Companies that want to remain competitive moving forward, need to implement technology to capture data from their operations and turn that data into actionable improvements to their business; this is Digital Transformation. These technologies are proving to be highly disruptive and Digital Transformation is a now a necessity, regardless of industry. A company’s success is as linked to its physical operations as it is to its digital operations now, and this connection between industry’s physical and digital footprint is what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about.

Initially created to meet the digital transformation needs of its parent company, A4 Systems Corporation (A4) has emerged with extensive experience as a stand-alone leader in the field of Digital Transformation. Uniquely positioned to respond to recent and dramatic shifts in the global business landscape, A4 can tailor solutions to a broad range of industrial markets and applications, providing organizations with the exact tools needed to survive the disruptive nature of the current digital revolution.

Digital transformation has become a necessity across all industries for companies to remain competitive and relevant in the marketplace. Just as the steam engine, interchangeable parts, and the computer changed the nature of business; so will the automation, artificial intelligence, and data management technologies of the Fourth industrial revolution. A4 is centered around optimizing the entire flow of client data to drive benefits in revenue and efficiency with its comprehensive “Ax4” Methodology:

The A 4 Mission

A4 is dedicated to the advancement of data acquisition practices through continuous evaluation of all known technologies, and deploying the most efficient and advantageous data acquisition strategies. By aggregating data from disparate sources to maximize data quantity and quality, we create value for our customers. We maintain a passionate commitment to understanding data, driving analysis perspectives that are vital to the generation of decisions and recommendations to be utilized by machines and/or humans. We increase customer data understanding and connectedness by turning disparate data into organisational knowledge and wisdom.

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