The A4 Story

In 2015, we set out with an initial strategy to address the needs of the Energy Industry through regulatory and compliance technologies. The technologies we created were bleeding edge at the time, empowering market stakeholders to collect vital process information and make intelligent decisions based on data.

Over time, our extensive R&D initiatives recognized that the emergence of Industry 4.0 had begun and it was posing a threat to the competitive nature of all companies who resisted its adoption. This marked our transition into the path we are on today — Digital Transformation Services tailored for any industrial organization.

We now offer a full stack of digital transformation technologies to address the entire flow of data from acquisition and aggregation to intelligent analysis, ultimately driving machine and human action. As part of our commitment to identifying new opportunities for digital transformation, we have made brand introductions beyond our initial Energy focus, and more into Hemp & Cannabis, Manufacturing, and Agriculture.



Intelligent edge devices acquire data via highly sensitive sensors and transducers.



Data is aggregated over cutting edge networking technologies.



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models analyze the data.



Actionable insights are driven through either Machine to Machine (M2M) or Machine to Human (M2H)

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